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Civil litigation in the Magistrate and High Court
Sale of business and shares
Residential and commercial eviction
Draft and review of contracts
Debt Collection
Insolvency and Rehabilitation
Service of a summons or notice of motion initiates the civil process. If you have been served with such a document and wish to defend it, then you have limited time to give notice of your opposition. Consult with us as soon as possible to advise you on your matter.
We assist clients in navigating the legal aspects of a sale of business. It is important to establish what's expected from each party before the transaction commences and knowledge of the law is required to protect your rights.
The eviction process is complex and fraught with potential pitfalls. It is important to have an attorney that is knowledgeable and experienced in obtaining an eviction order, as following the wrong process could lead to delays in finalising the eviction process.
Contracts are the cornerstone to any commercial transaction. A written contract creates certainty of the contractual parties' rights and obligations. We are able to assist you in drafting legally binding written contracts and also review your current contracts to asses if it is in line with your needs.
Our firm is experienced in the collection of unpaid debt. We are the preferred firm for may large businesses to provide assistance as we are conscientious to the costs in recovering debt.
There are remedies available to individuals and corporate entities that are over burdened with debt. We can assist you with applications for liquidation and sequestration. Each application has a different consequence. Consult with us to advise you on which process will suit your needs.

We can also assist with applications to have individuals declared rehabilitated.
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